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By enrolling in the Waitlist, you confirm that you have read these terms and conditions, that you understand them, and that you agree to be bound by them.. Joining the waitlist is defined as signing up with a valid email address for a spot in the HYKE waitlist queue for the HYKE UP app. We will use your email address to keep you in the loop for product updates and launches. We promise never to share, trade, sell, deliver, reveal, publicize, or market your email address with third parties in any way, shape, or form.

3 Prizes

HYKE Waitlist


5 referrals or more

*Randomly drawn among participants with 50 referrals or more. More referrals higher chance!

HYKE Waitlist


3 referrals or more*

*Randomly drawn among participants with 3 referrals or more. More referrals higher chance!

HYKE Waitlist


All participants*

*Randomly drawn among all participants, on July 4th, 2021! More points higher chance!


Frequently Asked Question

HYKE is a mobile app (and soon available on web browsers), increasing users’ buying power by adding free money to top up their budget.

Increased buying power is at your fingertips and is as easy as counting to 4!
1. Chose your activity from Eat/Drink, Grocery, or Shopping.
2. Enter your estimated budget.
3. Click “HYKE UP”, watch the offers roll in and pick your favourite!
4. Show the cashier the special barcode to redeem!
With HYKE, you get extra cash to spend at the businesses you want to support!

A formal definition would be: The ability of the person to buy things, or the amount of money they have available to spend. Informally, increasing your buying power through HYKE will give you free money to apply to your everyday purchases!

Access to HYKE is currently limited to certain regions and users, but we are rolling it out to new users on the waitlist in early spring 2021. HYKE is worth the wait!

Anyone can join the waitlist! All you need is a valid email address. (Keep in mind that all communications between you and HYKE, such as prize delivery, product launch, etc. will be through this email address).

A HYKER is a user, just like you!

It takes less than a minute to join! Enter a valid email address at

Simply joining the waitlist will automatically make you eligible to win a $250 prize.
You are given a unique link to invite your friends to join the waitlist too. For every person who joins the waitlist using your link, you’ll earn 1 referral! You can increase your chance by just sharing your unique link on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or through email.

3 referrals makes you eligible to win the $750 prize, and 5 referrals makes you eligible to win the $1,250 prize. Referring more friends increases your chance of winning!

It is a no strings attached relationship by joining the waitlist! You can unsubscribe at any time.

We’ll start rolling out HYKE in early 2021. When your invite to sign up is ready, you’ll be notified via email by the HYKE Team!