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HYKE wins a pitch competition
Idea stage
Summer 2019
Why did you buy that particular item? What if you had more money to spend? Would you buy that very item again? For Ph.D. people, these questions are enough to start a journey. We participated in the Evolution program by Genesis to validate our idea, interview users, and customers and, more importantly, build the minimum viable product.
We ended up winning the first place prize of the PitchNPick competition!
HYKE Presenting for Volta
Learning, Planning, and Execution
Fall 2019
Time to learn, build, test, and repeat. We participated in Volta Leap, Y Startup school, Propel Phase II, and pitched to join the Genesis Enterprise program. Enterprise is an incubator program designed to help technology startups grow their business and get to Product-Market Fit. The product is getting ready, and we're testing it for the beta release.
HYKE Beta launch
Beta Release
Winter 2020
Beta is where the maybe gets clarity. We designed a trial run for testing our product with targeted users and customers. Meanwhile, we participated in the Disciplined Entrepreneurship workshop by Bill Allet and learned how to translate technology into an innovative new product.
HYKE in Propel
Traction and Action
Spring 2020
Self-awareness, determination, expertise, and improvisation are the skills we've gained so far. Keeping the users and customers involved, our growing team is speeding up the product and market development process.
HYKE office space
Financial Support
Winter 2021
We're kicking off 2021 with some great news! The provincial Department of Industry, Energy and Technology said it would provided more than $535,000 in grants, while the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program, or IRAP, is contributing $246,075.


A pioneer of transparency and a leader in consumer-centric data analytics.


To empower individuals to make better decisions.


Sid Eskand from HYKE

Sid Eskandari, PhD

Founder and CEO
Gwen from HYKE

Gwen McFallon

Operations Lead
Abigayle Hickey from HYKE

Abigayle Hickey

Software Developer
Nav Eskand from HYKE

Navid Eskandari

Project Manager
Lauren Snelgrove from HYKE

Lauren Snelgrove

Digital Marketing
HYKE Placeholder

Malik Rahey

Software Developer
HYKE Placeholder


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